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A mammogram is an X-ray examination used specifically for breasts imaging. It utilizes low-dose electromagnetic waves to detect signs of cancer before the patient experience any symptoms or discomfort in the breast.


No fasting is required and you can eat and drink normally and continue to take your usual medications.

But if you are experiencing significant breast discomfort during your menstrual period, it may be best not to schedule your mammogram during this time. A week after your period would be ideal unless the examination is urgent.


Radiologist talking to patient
Radiologist with Mammography


During the examination:

  • Standard mammography takes between 10-20 minutes. 

  • Each breast will be positioned and compressed between two special plates by the X-ray machine for a few seconds while images are taken.  


If you have breast implants, please advise our practitioner prior to your appointment so that a longer appointment is scheduled.

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