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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI utilizes strong magnetic field and low frequency waves to create high resolution images of selected anatomy or region. It can identify injury with detailed precision in joints, spines, brain or other regions in the internal organ as deemed by your physician.


Before the Scan

  • You can eat, drink and take your medication. But for some specific scan applications, you may be asked to follow special instructions eg. restrict food and drink for 4-6 hours before your scan. A staff member will advise you on this at the time of booking.

On Arrival

  • You would need to complete a safety questionnaire.​

  • Removal of any metal objects such as watches, earrings, dentures, jewellery etc.

  • Change into the gowns provided before entering the MRI room

Radiologist and Patient
Tanglin MRI_edited.png
Tanglin MRI_edited.png


You will be given a full run-through of the procedure by one of our MRI Radiographer performing your examination.

After changing:

  • Enter the MRI room and lie down on a movable platform.

  • Our Radiographer will monitor the whole examination in a separate room. But you may still speak to the Radiographer while lying down through a microphone.

During the scan:

  1. The duration takes up to 20-25 minutes. The process may take longer if you have multiple regions.

  2. Remain as still as possible in order to achieve maximum quality of the images produced. 

  3. You will hear a loud rhythmic array of sounds which will vary in time from 2-4 minutes at a time. Ear protection will be provided prior to the exam starting.

Common Questions

Do I need to get injected?

In certain cases, a contrast material called gadolinium may be injected to help enhance the appearance of blood flow details during the examination.

Can I bring a companion?

 It is advisable to be accompanied if you feel unwell prior to your scan or if your procedures require mild sedation.


However, your companion will not be allowed into the MRI room and will be asked to wait at the patient waiting area.

Is MRI safe?

As MRI does not utilize any ionizing radiation (unlike x-ray), it is considered to be very safe for patients especially those requiring multiple scans.

Can I bring metal objects into the MRI room?

Metal objects such as watches, keys, coins and jewellery cannot be taken into the MRI room.  This is because the powerful magnet can cause these objects to be pulled with great force or heat up causing potentially serious damage to yourself. 

If your jewellery cannot be removed (eg. rings),
some precautions can be taken. However, it is best to wear as little jewellery as possible when you arrive. 

Can I still continue taking
my medication?

In most cases, patients can continue to take their regular medications unless advised otherwise by their doctor.


It will be best to check with your physician on your regular supplements or medications.

What happens if i have claustrophobia?

If you are worried about feeling claustrophobic inside the MRI machine, do speak with your referring doctor in advance. If needed, you may receive a sedative before the scan.

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