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An X-ray is one of the most commonly used basic procedures for imaging bony structures in the body using the minimum amount of radiation. No processing time is needed as our machine produces the X-ray images instantly after the procedure is done.


The procedure requires no special preparation.

However, as radiation is involved, it is not advisable for women who are pregnant, especially in early pregnancy. To prevent unnecessary irradiation of the fetus, female patients will be asked about their last menstrual period. This is especially important in the examination of the lower abdomen and pelvis.

All metal objects such as watches, keys, coins and jewellery will need to be removed during the scan.

Radiologist and patient interacting
Radiologists examining x-ray


During the X-ray: 

  • An X-ray will only take a few minutes for each body part. 

  • Remain as still as possible or hold your breath in order to improve the quality of the images.

  • Any movement will appear blurry and may require the X-ray to be repeated.

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